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The home of Competitive Counter-Strike 1.6

The new and free standard platform for Competitive Counter-Strike 1.6. Enjoy improving your skills, or remember how the old school plays.

Every day more users join us, this is the place that you were waiting for. Are you ready for pDxPLAY experience? It's free!


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Holocaust Of Past

MatchMaking Service
Play ranked and balanced games

Join in hot balanced games thanks to our MM system Glicko-based. Experiment new features and balance modes designed to give you the best competitive experience so far.
It will be available from SEASON 1. (Coming Soon)

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Scrim - Custom Matches Service
Challenge other gamers and play in private

Play customized matches, set your prefer configuration and play in private and reserved servers. Play 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5 Games. Create a lobby and play with your friends or clan vs challengers. All stats are tracked!

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Pick Up Games PUG Service
Train and compete, play ranked or not

Play PUGs, practice and train when random internet players join to our public servers. Of course you can compete here too, the Rating, Ranking and ELO follows the same dynamic than MM but it is tracked separately.

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Know your basic and advanced stats
More than play

All game data is tracked for your comfort. Follow your progress checking the stats, you'll satisfy your stats obsession with all the averages and ratings that we calculate for you.

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Very accurate Rating and Rank
Become in a 10

Our ranking system is glicko-based and modified by your individal and team performance. A very accurate way to show your true skills.

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Social Network
Be in touch with more gamers

Share your ideas, images, videos and be in touch with your friends and community users.

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Anticheat Service
A fair and safe game is our top priority

Protected games by Easy e-Sports Anticheat (EAC). EAC is a program that runs on your computer and prevents, blocks and detect cheats or scripts. It is the world’s leading third party (external) anti-cheat program.
Our own anticheat pDxAC is coming soon.

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