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Season Zero
Week 1 (December 29th - January 13th FINISHED!!!!)








We are pleased to announce the first week event of our preseason "Season Zero". Aimed for all those who enjoy playing in more competitive situations.
The chosen mode this week is 5v5 Ranked games (played in casual pug servers). It will be FREE to enter and the prize pool is set at $15, $10 and $5 to the ELO ranking top 3 players respectively.
  • Duration - From December 29th to January 7th (10 days)
  • Players - Everyone is FREE to participate
  • Anticheat - Easy AntiCheat is mandatory
  • Servers - This event will be hosted in Casual PUG Servers
  • Game Mode - 5v5 Ranked PUG choosen by votation
  • Ranking Mode - By ELO gained/lost per match played, the top3 taken in descending order will win the prizes
Gameplay and Ranking
The ranking is updated in real time. Every player earn or lose ELO points when plays a ranked match. The ELO Calculation is based in a customized formula of GLICKO rating system and includes individual performance, team performance, player value to win/notlose the match compared to the average elo of the opponents.
All players are entitled to play ranked games, if the player leaves the game another player can take his place.
Players who enter to play after the start of a game will win / lose ELO according to the amount of rounds played.
Players who leave a live match will be discounted ELO as if they had lost the game.
Players caught using cheats during the event will be immediately disqualified without the right to appeal.
Players caught offending pDxPLAY, staff, servers, being racists will be immediately disqualified without the right to appeal.
The prizes will be assigned according to the ranking obtained at the end of the last day (UTC-5 time)
The winners must communicate directly with the staff through our discord
The payment of the prizes will be made directly using Paypal as the only means.
The time in which pDxPLAY will pay the corresponding prizes will be between 5 to 15 days after the end of the event.
The prizes do not include the paypal transaction fee.
  • 1st Place - $15 (fifteen dollars)
  • 2nd Place - $10 (ten dollars)
  • 3rd Place - $5 (five dollars)


Pos Player Rank ELO Rate RD