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We are pDxPLAY :)

Announced by GunGameR | 2019-04-13

Hello everyone and welcome to pDxPLAY!

How are you lovers of the 1.6 and the old school? I hope so excited as we are.

We are ParadoxTeam, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing 1.6 back to the competitive scene, and to achieve this we know that the first step is to have a current and modern platform like the ones that exist for CSGO, that is why we created pDxPLAY.

As you will see, we are still developing our basic version. And for now you can enjoy the Casual PUGs mode. You can access them using our Web Client by clicking on PLAY NOW.

Soon we will be releasing the other two game modes: Competitive Matches (Matchmaking system) and later Premade Matches.

We have planned to do a preseason (1 month) once we release the matchmaking to debug the errors of this basic version and then launch our first competitive season (3 months) restarting all stats, enabling the tournament system, leagues and ladders, and offering awards to the best players at the end of the season.

There are many interesting features that I will explain to you during these days.

Follow us on our social networks by clicking on the "Contact us" button, we will take in count all your suggestions.

Thanks for your affection!