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New Update!

Announced by GunGameR | 2019-04-14

The latest update to Casual PUG mod was released and now it allows you to send chat messages to alive teammates when you are dead.


  • You can send chat messages to alive teammates when you are dead prepending the wildcard $ or & to 'say' or 'say_team.
  • You can switch the voice mode pressing the key 'E' when you are dead, this will turn on/off speak to alive mates.
  • You can know what's the dmg given and taken of any player. Just add part of the nick or whole nick to the commands .dmg and .rdmg. For Ex: say .dmg GunGameR or say .rdmg PericoLosPalotes.

library_add ADDONS

  • Ban time for pug leaving increased from 20 to 40 mins.
  • Added new spectator banners. Thanks to our designer Zhaw.
  • European servers can now use /need command.


  • Resolved an issue about match id duplication.
  • Resolved an issue about wrong match results.
  • Resolved an issue about no hltv demo storing.
  • Resolved an issue that allows players evade cooldown ban sending ips or web links by chat.