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After 9 months.

EAC works again!

Announced by GunGameR | 2019-04-24

Hi again! i must announce good news!

From now on, at least until our own anticheat is ready, we going to use this mangnific anticheat that maybe you know.
Easy e-Sports AntiCheat (EAC) is a very known service for Counter Strike (is used in platforms like: challengeme) It counts with client/server part and it is available from steam to download (Check it in steam store).

9 months ago the service stopped and although we talked with them to fix the problem and we were asked to send the suggestions of the case, they were apparently too busy to carry them out. Two months ago Epic Games acquired easyanticheat and due to this, 2 weeks ago its website and service was updated, however the service for Counter Strike 1.6 still did not work. Last Friday we communicated again and we sent them the bug report for their correction and apparently everything was resolved this time.

The changes in our servers will be the following:

  • The use of EAC will be optional during 2 weeks from now on. So that new users are familiar with its use and also report bugs/incompatibilities in our discord
  • After these 2 weeks the use of EAC will be mandatory for join in any of our servers.
  • The EAC Bans will be unappealable.

info USAGE

  • Install/open (click here) it before launch Counter Strike
  • Launch it
  • Enjoy