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Cheating is not tolerated!

First EAC Ban list

Announced by GunGameR | 2019-04-24

I want to remind our users that bans of this kind are unappealable, and accounts are prohibited on all our servers.

The methodology of these bans is based first on the prevention, detection and finally on the blocking of traps. Being able the notification of delay in arriving between one hour and 3 weeks (bans delayed). More info here

If, despite this, the players consider the EAC bail to be unfair, then they can appeal to EAC from this link

If nothing else to report, have a great day! and let's build a clean environment of cheaters.

desktop_access_disabled Ban List

#PlayerSteamid Details
1 Aj➶ STEAM_0:0:3557615 Cheating (Permanent)
2 DADD Ψ STEAM_0:1:3297193 Cheating (Permanent)
3 Cgt ' CHIN00 STEAM_0:1:3842469 Cheating (Permanent)
4 ['GrizzLy]~ LG; STEAM_0:1:156066304 Cheating (Permanent)
5 SEVENDEEE STEAM_0:0:221625793 Cheating (Permanent)
6 m1ndeq STEAM_0:1:63132750 Cheating (Permanent)
7 kinky~. STEAM_0:1:25034141 Cheating (Permanent)
8 Nuñez·~ STEAM_0:1:37465782 Temporary Server Ban (expired)
9 FalkeN STEAM_0:0:41174271 Cheating (Permanent)
10 Razzla STEAM_0:1:60913959 Cheating (Permanent)
11 onizuka-.- STEAM_0:0:469892044 Cheating (Permanent)
12 SUGARRAY STEAM_0:0:17114380 Cheating (Permanent)
13 Rönna STEAM_0:1:13374780 Cheating (Permanent)
14 cos15 STEAM_0:0:137719142 Cheating (Permanent)
15 JS2E. STEAM_0:0:7118140 Cheating (Permanent)
15 Jhon'Barinas STEAM_0:0:245243293 Cheating (Permanent)