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Cheating is not tolerated!

Second EAC Ban list

Announced by GunGameR | 2019-11-27

Hello! Long time without announcing news. We want to apologize for this time of apparent inactivity. However we have been working on our competitive gaming systems that are ready for release.

On this occasion I will announce the new list of EAC bans. Remember that these bans are unappealable.

By the way we also have good news about an EAC update that occurred at the beginning of this week, the details will be given in another announcement.

desktop_access_disabled Ban List

#PlayerSteamid Details
17 ClicK=ClaKC GuaricO STEAM_0:1:227572467 Cheating (Permanent)
18 Shox STEAM_0:0:3719115 Cheating (Permanent)
19 Darpius STEAM_0:1:182811652 Cheating (Permanent)
20 Hector[1G] @AWPC EASY. STEAM_0:1:10370386 Cheating (Permanent)
21 [ STEAM_0:1:3279244 Cheating (Permanent)
22 Manny..! 2 STEAM_0:1:459795957 Cheating (Permanent)
23 kizzenPOWER_ STEAM_0:0:220477564 Cheating (Permanent)
24 ANNIHILATION2 - CFG - SpawN STEAM_0:1:3132701 Temporary Server Ban (expired)
25 s1lent; STEAM_0:1:507093840 Cheating (Permanent)
26 FUCK STEAM_0:0:504817778 Cheating (Permanent)
27 STEAM_0:1:29585896 STEAM_0:1:29585896 Cheating (Permanent)
28 tunegroencholas STEAM_0:1:18700158 Cheating (Permanent)
29 lahh15 STEAM_0:1:459473403 Cheating (Permanent)
30 zylttEACHEATING.- STEAM_0:0:4573273 Cheating (Permanent)