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A new beggining, a new stage!


Announced by GunGameR | 2019-12-03

It has been almost two years since we opened the first server and started our services, since then until 4 months ago we have created, developed, tested and improved the systems necessary to reach a base version of our platform. During this process we have evaluated the response of the players to: qualification systems (respect, reputation), responsibility systems (match moderator, voteban, votekick), systems that improve the gameplay (team equipment hud, dead mates voice communication), skill system (elo), reward systems (mvp, killer, bomber, defuser) and systems that improve server performance (bullet registration, movement, speed to bullet processing) and others. Due to this evaluation you may have thought that we do not listen to your suggestions or your complaints because we didn't apply any change, we apologize for that.

This testing time has helped us for from now on to cover all the needs of our users looking to play competitive games. This includes a solution for the need to play in a cheat free environment ;).

It has been several months since our last update announce. The reason is that the last 4 months we have been hard at work on these major updates and we wanted to share them with you all at once.

These updates and coming features below are some of the changes that have been deployed in order to start our competitive preseason called "SEASON ZERO". This means a new beginning for all of us, and we hope you will join us in this new competitive stage for counter strike 1.6.


  • Pick Up Games (PUG): This is a public service, every steam player is able to join in these kind of matches, from internet or using our client. This mod could be ranked (gain ELO) or not, the match is config by votation of players inside server. These servers were known before as Casual PUGs. (Now playable).
  • Custom Matches: Or called Scrims too, this mod is only accesible from our client (web and/or desktop). This mod allows players to create their own competitive games and personalize the match features (friendly fire, hud equipment, knife round, etc), map to play, order teams, choose server location. It launchs a private server and reserve specific slots for players. You can play 1vs1 2vs2 and 5vs5 matches. (Now playable).
  • MatchMaker: Ranked and skill balanced games, this mod is only accesible from our client (web and/or desktop). This mod works like the matchmaking system of valve, faceit, or esea. The balance is based in our ELO rating system. Every game is ranke and ELO rewarded.


  • The top classification and skill is determined by ELO. This is earned playing Ranked PUGs (Casual ELO) or MatchMaking balanced games (Competitive ELO).
  • Ten ranks were added based on the calculated elo of each player called STARS. 


  • First release of our desktop client, it provides full access to every competitive service.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. (Windows XP is not supported).
  • Added Installers for 32 and 64 bits OS.
  • One click access. It handles direct launch of counter-strike 1.6 and EasyAntiCheat.


  • Added PLAY option in sidebar. Competitive services are now available from web client too.
  • Launched resdesigned pDxPLAY.org home page, social networl, match page, historial section and user profile pages.
  • Updated statistics pages, now you can choose between competitive and casual stats, and season played.
  • Fixed sidebar behavior.


  • EasyAnticheat (EAC): Thanks to our feedback it has finally detected the dll injection by static link library (.asi files) placed inside the game folder. Now protection is safe and reliable.
    It will be mandatory to play ranked matches in few days. See details.
  • Paradox Anticheat (pDxAC): In development, we are working in our own anticheaet, the release is estimated within two to three months.


  • Distributed in North America (Miami, New York, Los Angeles), Latin America (Chile) and Europe (Sweden).


  • Automatic bullet purchase disabled on Live Stage in order to no affect the economy of the game.
  • Automatic bullet purchase enabled ONLY on Warmup and Halftime Stage.
  • Corrected angles and bullet processing taht seemed like a lack of weapons recoil.
  • Sound channels normalized, footsteps are not heard behind walls now.
  • Corrected player movement processing that seemed to have greater speed in strafing.
  • Server's hostname changed.
  • HLDS Updated to latest engine version 8308.
  • HLTV Demos will be downloadable only by 10 days.

The announcement SEASON ZERO (preseason) will be given next week.

The details of the mentioned features will be discussed in new announcements during this week.

Once again I want to thank everyone for your support, especially to our staff, collaborators and ex-collaborators whose make possible this whole project to move forward in this new stage. Thank you!.