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An Expected Update

Easy AntiCheat UPDATE

Announced by GunGameR | 2019-12-08

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is cheating? Do you like our platform and servers but you think we do not do anything? We are here for you!

Continuing with the changes announced here for this new beggining, the ensuring a fair play is now our top priority. That's why i'm glad to announce the latest update of Easy e-Sports Anticheat (EAC).

EAC is a program that runs on your computer and blocks, prevents, and detect cheats or scripts. It is the world’s leading third party (external) anti-cheat program.

Some months ago, we detected a vulnerability about the protection against dll injection. This consisted of injecting a dll through a static library (* .asi file) placed inside the folder where hl.exe is located. 

Because of this we could not demand that EAC be mandatory to play in our servers, we sent technical reports to EAC Support about it, Fortunately, this method is now detected (from December 2) as can be seen in the following demonstration video:

Thanks to this new update, EAC is now a safe way to protect competitive games and we can provide you a fair and almost cheat free environment. 

Finally, and as everyone should already assume, EAC will be mandatory on all our servers, this change will be applied from the beginning of Season Zero (preseason) that will be announced within a few days.

Without further ado, see you later in a next announcement.